It’s been a long journey so far …

They say that the hardest part of anything is the start. So I’d like to thank Phil from SNAP Design Studio and Cathy from CB Social for all their help in getting me this far. It feels like only yesterday I was running my clothing boutique in Delhi, helping to match people to their perfect colour or design.

In a sense, that was itself the end of a journey, from art-obsessed child to professional designer. As any creative person will know, it can be a long, tough road, and the satisfaction at seeing designs I had put together given new life by complete strangers was the fuel that helped me keep on going. I have always been intuitive in my approach. I love to find that moment of synergy when I can perfectly match a print to a personality.

I believe great design is not just about the look but also about the feeling. Sometimes I miss the boutique and the loyal customers who came into my life as strangers but stayed as friends. Little did I know that my journey had only just begun.

It certainly doesn’t seem like the thirteen years it has been since I left India for the UK. Time flies when you’re having fun. When you’re following your dreams it positively soars. Ever the wanderer, I began my studies in Swansea and finished them in Leeds. Whilst I absolutely loved working for some of the biggest names on the high street, my experience in India, coupled with the deeply personal nature of my designs, means that I thrive on the experience of working with customers as individuals. That is why I have established Pattern Passions. Throughout my work is reflected the theme of the four seasons, constant, dependable but ever-changing. A journey that never ends. Everyone has a story to tell. I hope you will enjoy letting Pattern Passions write a page of yours.

It’s been a long journey so far and I have loved every minute. Like the seasons themselves, with every ending comes a new beginning, and I can’t wait for the next step. I hope you’ll come too.


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